Coloquio - Lunes 16 de Junio - 17:30

Conferencista: Ravi Prakash (Universidad de Concepción).
Título: Homogenization: An Introduction.
Resumen: Homogenization is a branch of science where we try to understand microscopic structures via a macroscopic medium. Hence, it has applications in various branches of science and engineering. This study is basically developed from material science in the creation of composite materials though the contemporary applications are much far and wide. It is a process of understanding the microscopic behavior of an in-homogeneous medium via a homogenized medium. Mathematically, it is a kind of asymptotic analysis. We plan to present an illustrative example of limiting analysis in 1-D for a second order elliptic partial differential equation. We will also see some classical results in the case of periodic composite materials and oscillating boundary domain. The emphasis will be on the computational importance of homogenisation in numerics by the introduction of correctors.

Sala: Sala de Seminarios.
Universidad del Bío-Bío.