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(last updated: 19th of December, 2010)
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For general information see the corresponding webpage of the AMS-SOMACHI meeting. It is written there: "The meeting organization will offer shuttle vans travelling from Temuco airport to Pucon, about 100km away, and from Pucon to Temuco airport, on dates and times to be announced. Participants should indicate their interest during registration."
You should send an email to as soon as possible with dates and times if you want to be taken into account for the above option. IMPORTANT: there will be shuttle vans only on the 14th and 15th of December. People arriving before must arrange their transfer by themselves.

If you want to arrange by yourself the transfer from Temuco to Pucon, here are the costs and options available (1 US dollar is about 500 Chilean pesos - prices may vary slightly till the time of the meeting):


If you plan to participate to the AMS-SoMaChi Meeting, you can reserve nights at the Gran Hotel Pucón as you register, but only for the three nights 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18. Note that the prices at this hotel are guaranteed only up to the 15th of October. Please send as soon as possible an email to Xavier Vidaux if either you need to reserve extra nights, OR if you do not plan to participate to the AMS-SoMaChi Meeting.

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