The PhD Program in Mathematics of the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas has been created in January 2008 and it counts on the participation of academics from both the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Mathematical Engineering. For a description of the Program see the webpage of Dirección de Postgrado.

Objectives of the Program:

Form high level autonomous researchers who can

  • propose and develop scientific research recognized as an original contribution to one ore more areas of Mathematics
  • communicate mathematical knowledge in an academic context.

Duration: 4 years (see here for the plan of the courses)

Director: Michela Artebani

Secretary:  Micaela Ávila

Research lines:

  • Logic and Number Theory: Research in Number Theory is around problems about algebraic extensions of Q of infinite degree, Diophantine geometry, Modular arithmetic.
    In Logic we investigate about decidability problems for classical structures with relation to Number Theory and in Set theory.
  • Analysis: Non-Archimedean Functional Analysis (strict topologies in function spaces, measures with values in field with non-arquimedean valuation, free Banach spaces), Stochastic Analysis, Calculus of variations and PDE’s (Isoperimetric problems, Shape Optimization, Asymptotic Analysis of PDEs, qualitative theory of linear and non-linear evolution equations with emphasis on dynamical properties as: blow-up, equilibrium, stability), Dynamical Systems (study of period functions for plane centers). 
  • Algebra and Geometry: Algebraic combinatorics and Algebraic Geometry (algebraic surfaces, linear systems, Cox rings, Calabi-Yau varieties).

Application: applications for the first semester 2024 (starting in March 2024) will open on September 4th 2023. The deadline is October 1st 2023 at 18:00 chilean time.  

Application requirements:  The candidate must have either an undegraduate or a Master degree in Mathematics or affine areas (Statistics, Physics,…), or an equivalent degree.

Application procedure:

First step: 

  • To register online in the webpage of Dirección de Postgrado.

Second step: 

  • To send the following documents via email to both the Director and the Secretary of the Program:
    • Academic transcript (certificate with all the grades obtained during the latest studies).
    • Two letters of recommendation (at least one of them from a Professor of the Program where the candidate obtained his/her last degree; the letters can also be sent directly from the recommender).
    • Motivation letter.
    • Academic resume/CV. 

Third Step: 

  • To take a written entrance examination (remote, 48 hours, see here for previous versions of the examination).

Fourth Step: 

  • The accepted candidates will need to send via email the documents described here to the Secretary of the Program.


  • The PhD Program in Mathematics of Universidad de Concepción is  ACREDITADO by the chilean government.
  • The students accepted in the Program are required to apply to ANID scholarship for «Beca de Doctorado nacional».
  • Universidad de Concepción offers internal scholarships, which include a fee waiver and a small stipend, for students who are not eligible or did not obtain the ANID scholarship.